Out-Patient Physical Therapy and Nutrition Therapy

Healthcare is based on a system that looks to fix existing health conditions, instead of preventing them from occurring. There had to be a better way of serving our patients, because our community deserves better! There is no disputing the need to treat a person's pain in the traditional sense, however we recognize that true wellness is not simply achieved by eliminating low back, neck or shoulder pain or by treating obesity, or heart disease through nutritional counsel; it is by incorporating a wellness regimen into our patient's plans of care in hopes that the tools we provide will continue to be effective long after they are pain or symptom free.

1x1 Personal Training Sessions

Starting an exercise program can be intimidating and difficult to know if you're doing the right thing to help you meet your goals. Start off on the right foot! Let one of our certified personal trainers guide you through an exercise program that matches your goals.

24-Hour Access Fitness Center

Workout how you want whenever you want. As a member of Total Balance you will be granted a key fob that permits you 24-hour access to our Fargo South location. We understand that life is busy, we hope that with the 24-hour access it takes away the pressure to workout within a specific time frame and opens up more accessibility in your schedule to get a workout in.

Anthony, Soft Tissue Mobilization

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Our Mission and Vision

We are here to bridge the gap between health and fitness in order to help people move better, feel better and live healthier lives! Using our knowledge and experience as clinicians, we know that physical therapy and nutritional therapy helps people live pain free and feel better both naturally and effectively. We also know that exercise provides benefits both physically and mentally. Access to these services is usually divided up among several facilities and providers, and it is difficult to find the time to balance the occupations of life and find the time to care for your total self - but at Total Balance, our goal is to serve our community by offering access to high quality, comprehensive care to our patients and fitness club members far beyond their graduation from therapy.